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Pavillio 2021: Exclusive Updates with Praba Manivasager!

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, January 13 from 1:00-2:30 pm for a chance to:

  • Get an update on EVV
  • Product roadmap
  • View the latest Pavillio capabilities
  • Participate in a live demo
  • Hear migration updates
  • Ask our President, Praba Manivasager, your questions

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maximize per client revenue

Our software allows you to get the most accurate information up front starting with scheduling and registration. That provides the groundwork by which claims can be billed, and collected, in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

pavillio platform displays

1st Time Claim denial reduction

In a world full of rejections, spend downs, write offs, provider reductions, and credit memos, managing an efficient billing process may seem impossible. More than 18% of Medicaid claims are denied on the first submission, making it clear care providers are struggling to effectively manage billing.

increase care capacity

 We harness the power of data and analytics to help you provide better care. Our predictive technology gives you insight into what needs care recipients may have in the future. That means constant improvement to simplify your daily tasks and amplify the quality of care provided.

check eligibility first

Eligibility is always changing, which can be frustrating to track. Stop using tedious manual processes to verify eligibility and manage service agreement utilization. Communicating changes to the right people in a timely manner. 

Simplify service Agreements

Use real data to manage your service agreements and influence decisions. Your organization will have current data necessary to check eligibility and prevent potential unbillable services from being delivered.

Revenue cycle management

How can care providers identify and intake new customers, manage eligibility for services, track service delivery and ensure you get paid for the work you have done in a timely manner? Our FREE guide focuses on four high impact areas. 

program portfolio

personal care

PCA Services, Respite Care, Homemaking, Personal Support


Group Homes, Independent Living Services (ILS), Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

day programs

Day Programs, Adult Daycare, Day Training & Habilitation (DTH), Community-Based Services

mental health

Therapies, In-Patient Care, Out-Patient Services, Rehabilitation, Intervention & Support Programs, Addiction

functionality at your fingertips

comprehensive charting

Manage electronic medical records and charting with efficiency.

clean claims

Increase reimbursement rates with less denials for breezy billing.

simple scheduling

Set and manage schedules with ease to save time.

powerful PDFs

Dynamically generate, sign and maintain PDF documents.

ample analytics

View visual and numerical data in our role-based workspaces.

intuitive information

Enjoy auto-populated fields for less tedious typing.

perfect portability

Allow care recipients to take their information anywhere.

many more

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