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Learn what a true end-to-end agency management platform can do for home and community-based services. Our platform is entirely designed around the person served, keeping the care provider in mind. See the innovative tools that will change the way you provide care by taking a look at Pavillio. Watch the webinar, download additional materials, or review our Q&A below.


NOTE: The webinar video begins around 45 seconds.


How long until Pavillio is available?

Personal Care services are available now, with additional services being added gradually throughout the year. We are building the system out service by service, adhering to the following timeline:

  • Personal Care/PCA – Available Now
  • 245D Basic – Available April 2020
  • Mental & Behavioral Health – Available June 2020
  • Residential – Available September 2020
  • Day & Employment – Available November 2020
  • Skilled Nursing – Available Q1 2021
  • Fiscal Management – Available Q1 2021

If we are an agency that provides multiple services (for example 245D Basic, DTH/ES, and ILS) will we be moved over to the new platform as it comes out per the timeline, or wait until it can be all at once?

We recommend moving over when all services are available, but there may be exceptions which will be addressed case by case.

Will Private Duty Nursing agencies be able to use the current PCA platform?

Private Duty will be enabled with clinical capabilities later in 2020.

Are you going to have classes for people to really learn this system?

We’ve worked hard at making this platform as intuitive as possible. Yet many learning tools are built into the platform and you can have the system walk you through most functions. As always, our team is available to help anytime you need further assistance.

Can documents be stored in folders?

Instead of folders, we use a tagging system as a means of sorting documents. It is essentially the same concept as using folders but offers more functionality.

Will there still be capacity to build packets, add, change, edit our own documents?

Once completed, the Document management tool will be highly functional. The first iteration will allow single documents to be generated and you can map PDF forms yourself. Future versions will have packets, fax/email, routing for signatures, inbound fax and routing, retention rules and many for features.

What sort of apps are available for iPad or iPhone that the RN or QP can use to do Supervisor Visits?

The entire Pavillio platform is designed to be accessed from any device, including iphone and ipad. They will have their own custom view based on their role to access the information and tools they need most. The only additional Pavillio app available is EVV.

Can I send referral forms from Pavillio directly, like by faxing them?

Yes, you can email or fax the referral forms.

Is continuous billing an all-or-nothing, or can you allow some clients/companies (UMPIs)/services to be on continuous billing, while others aren’t?

Continuous billing will be configured by Payor at the moment. We might consider excluding certain clients from continuous billing, but this feature is yet to be developed.

Are you able to automatically upload to Waystar? Similar to autoclaim with the state?

Yes, we will be able to send claims to non-MA directly.

Will eligibility still be able to use the differences report?

Eventually yes. First version of eligibility is limited to status at a point in time.

Is this within Cashe or separate? Do we have to pay for it in addition to what we already pay for Cashe?

The current version of the platform will be retired in 2 years. You will be migrated to the new version and will only pay for one version.

Will this come with additional cost?

Current customers will be notified about availability for migration and any additional fees.

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